Saturday, June 26, 2010

A wedding of the family.

Okay it was a hectic week last weekend. On the 19th of June was my sister's solemnization. And on the 20th was the wedding. Well, I managed to take pictures from the nikah, but as for the bersanding I did not, because I was among the bridesmaids for her.
The rest of the pictures are on Facebook, but here are bits and pieces of it.

Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang/ invalidate the ablution event


Me and my cousin, Syaira

bunga telur untuk tetamu yang merenjis/ gifts for the guests who gave their blessings

the bedroom for the newlyweds

My cousin, Nadhirah and me. Don't I look tall? :p

Me and my friend of 12 years, Amirah. And yes, she's my bestie. So I call her Milah :)

Syidah, me, and Shaza. My babes too :)

And that is my twin in UIA, Arishah. She's taller than me, and she's wearing flats. Grr.

The inai/ henna I applied on my fingernails and toenails :)

So yeah, you have a rough idea of the ongoings based on these few pictures :D One thing I'd like to share, we provided a guest book to wish the newlyweds. So when I wrote mine, my relatives said that mine was too long, and it looked like an essay -.- Its not like I filled the whole page didn't I? It was about three quarter of the page only. Hee. Hey, its all my thoughts for them okay. And also considered a doa. See, its for the best for both of them, and don't complain about my great writing skills :D
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to my sister and my brother-in-law : Alia and Fazli. :)

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ani arishah said...

i dah agak you would mention bout how tall i am and i'm not even wearing heels