Friday, June 11, 2010

7th June 2010.

Slits for eyes and fats for cheeks.

I know. Its been awhile since I blogged. Forgive me, because I am quite busy with certain stuffs. But hey, I'm back on track now right? :)
Last Monday was Shafiq's birthday. So when it was midnight, I rounded up my friends and sang to him Happy Birthday. And then he asked " You ajak your whole dorm nyanyi ke?" When it was a total of 4 of us! Hahaha, we must have sang heartily :D
And then, on Monday itself we went out to celebrate his birthday. What I gave him I will not announce here okay. And also what we did. But it did somehow made him happy and all beaming with a big smile plastered on his face *kan sayang? I am not imagining things kan? :D *
10pm was my curfew. We arrived at the station at 10pm. and there were no taxis around. In the end we hitched an airport taxi. Desperate right. The thing is, I was panicking my ass off. Seriously. I was whining and muttering to myself of what excuse to mention to guards. And blaming him for the delays and stuffs.
And he was laughing. To be exact: at me. Probably he thought I looked funny with my worried expressions. And when we arrived, there were no guards. And, the gates were open. :o For me! Lucky me. And of course, He laughed all the way to his dormitory. And even said " see I told you nothing would happen. Trust me" .
We'll see okay next time.
And I'm glad I provide you with all the er, laughter? Hmppp.

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