Friday, June 18, 2010


The other night I was bathing with Dayang (mind you, different stalls) when she asked me ( yeah we talk while we bath), " Maggie, ape yang Maggie tak puas hati dengan diri sendiri? Dari segi luaran?" Or in translation she is asking me, what am I not satisfied with myself physically? It took me a while to answer. Let me explain to you why.

I am lucky enough to be blessed with a fair complexion. Or to be exact, of a yellowish tone. I do have blemishes, bitsy here and there, but not prominent or obvious. A speckle only. Okay, maybe I do get visits by one or two pimples, but that is during the time of the month. I am lucky enough to have proper natural eyebrows, I don't have to pluck it. Though I have slits for eyes when I laugh or smile, I am still proud of it. Though I have a not-that-sharp nose, at least it shows that I am imperfect in some ways. Or when I did braces to straighten my teeth.

I am lucky enough to still have a slender (?) body despite of my eating habits. Although I do have a soft tummy instead of a washboard abs, but hey, that makes me different right? Though I am not as tall as Arishah, I am still proud to stand at a 161cm. I don't have beautiful flowing locks. I only have wavy shoulder length hair. If you think wow, wavy? Think again. Mine gets fluffy at all the wrong times. But hey, its not a big problem isn't it?

Or maybe I am too optimistic.

Anyway, my answer to her was : assets. -.- hahaha


Anonymous said...

Narcissist -.-lll haha!

Aimi/Maggie said...

Am not!! ;(
Btw, your name please?