Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something different.

Right now, I have no classes in the afternoon. Only in the mornings. I know, some of you may prefer class in the afternoons then mornings. Trust me, when you are in Nilai you won't want to. Reasons why? Its damn hot to walk under the scorching blazing burning sun right over your head with no shelter for you. Using an umbrella helps, but it doesn't reduce the sweat doesn't it? Hmm so yeah. I have the advantage to avoid all that by staying in my dormitory since of the absence of classes.

To combat my boredom, I actually spend my time completing my homework and revising some notes. I even have enough time to read novels in between time, have my evening nap, and even go online. Seems like I do get benefits from my free time. :)

By the way, my phone had gone cuckoo. It refused to charge itself, I tried charging it the whole night, but it only went up a few percentages? Seriously? The only way is to remove my battery and then stick it up into someone else's phone and charge. Hmmm. Weird way I know. So I've got a solution.
Get a new baby! Tadaa~

Its called Vivaz. And by Sony Ericsson. Heee. My new baby is my new love! ;)
I am so happy :D

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