Friday, October 15, 2010

Dreams We All Have

The other day I was talking with him about our dream house. And then I realised, I have a lot of dreams. :/ Really, if and only if I have all the money in th world, oh my. My house will be gorgeous. Then again, you have to work hard for them. Meaning you'll appreciate things more, especially free things (?).

Anyway, what I really want is a big kitchen. I love baking, so a big space will be great. I want an island table in the middle of the kitchen, and maybe electrical stoves on top of it and a small sink to go with it. Thing is, when I bake, I like to prepare the ingredients earlier and measure them, and then proceed to put them into individual bowls. I have this annoying tendency to arrange them in front of me, because if they're not, I'll panic and most probably misplace them. Trust me, I did -.-

And then, bedrooms! I want them to be cosy and comfortable. Not necessarily expensive, but cosy is a definite yes. Want it to be calm and soothing, a place I can relax my mind, and my body. Mmmm..

I saw this in an ad a few years ago. Its called Rain Sky if I'm not mistaken. Fix it to the ceiling, (idk how) and then turn it on. It feels like rain! :D Okay, a bit ridiculous, but still, its nice right?

Oh and oh, I want a jacuzzi! By the window pleaseee. So I can have a nice relaxing bath with all the soft candles and fragrant bath oils and see the shining stars at bliss.

I'd like a bench swing too, and a nice garden with rabbits scampering about between the jasmine plants, and a fish pond. Oh and big plush sofa sets with thick carpets that you have to wade as you walk on it, and cold marble tiles, and a spiral grand staircase, and this huge circular rattan bed with a mattress on it, and a hammock, maybe two, and a fireplace. Fireplace? In Malaysia? Well, I just want the place. Without lighting the fire please :)
Okay, that's a long list -.-

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