Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nope, Not Mine.

Its quite a common scene where the younger siblings are taller or bigger than the eldest. Since I am the youngest, I get to be tall one. Well, I wouldn't call myself bigger than my sister really. Since I am taller, obviously I have longer legs and arms to be in proportion with the rest of my body.

And my sister is one small person. I currently stands at 5 feet 3, and she stands slightly over than 5 feet. We weighs the same. We have almost similar sizes of clothings, only my shoulders are bit bigger than hers. It doesn't make much difference because we usually swap clothes. As for pants, we can wear each other's. But definitely not jeans. She has shorter legs :p

But my mom doesn't see all that. She still gets mixed up with our clothes, randomly putting whichever she thinks belong to us. What's worse: panties. I assumed they all look the same to her ( obviously). So what I did to clear her confusion is to point out which ones are mine.

I told her that mine are the plain coloured ones. A simple one colour panty. And then she pulled one from the pile of clothes. " So this one is not yours right?" she said. I looked at it, and said, " Its mine la mummy." Then she continued lecturing me, even suggesting me to label my own panties so as she won't mix them up, bla bla bla. Why? The one that she pulled out was grey, with pink edges and a ribbon. So much for plain. -.-


ani arishah said...

u should label your pantyy
i dgn my sis have panties with exact same colour and sizeee
so,i labelled them

Aimi/Maggie said...

mase kecik2 my mum tulis name kat the panties taw tak. hahaha then i tak bagi. u label pki ape?if jahit label idm kot ;p