Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fresh Cuts

On the 13th Oct 2010, was my anniversary with him. It marks a year of us being together, and honestly, I felt our relationship wasn't that long. Still could remember how we became friends, and how we first met and stuffs like that. I remembered that while we were in UIA's orientation, he kept asking me to meet up, but I have always and always rejected his offer.

Not because I was nervous, but I haven't worn a scarf in quite awhile ( UIA requires their students to wear scarves ) and so it was crooked everywhere. It wasn't much help that the scarves provided were starchy and really hard to manage, it won't bend as it should be, and it isn't flattering either.

We finally met after that, and things went smooth sailing after that. Our friends kept trying to give ideas about each other, to me and him. And when we finally did declared, they were estactic and also relieved, and some were even like " bukan dah lame dah ke?/ Weren't that some time ago?"

And I was ever glad to agree to be his, because then I realised, he brings out the best in me, and let me experience things I never did know. We're complete opposites, but then again opposites attract right? Insya Allah, if god willing, I want to be in that special place in your heart and your mind, until the end of everything. Amin.

Btw, I cut my hair. Okay terpesong. Hehe. But look! The lady was a darling, she gave me layers to soften my face. At first, it still looks long right?

Chin up, and ta-daa! How angles can manipulate right :D

Okay kan? :)


AMIRUL I. said...

hello! amirul irfan was here. teehee.

Aimi/Maggie said...

Wow what a coincidence! Cause I went through your blog earlier, u have a great one ;)