Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home arrest.

Well,exams were way over.
Im currently having a 3 week sem break.
So u should be expecting me to jump up and down and cheering my head off,right?
Not quite right.
Since im stuck at hommie for 3 weeks, im supposedly to be helping up with the chores.
And if I want to go out,most of my peeps are not here to accompany me,
so what is the point of going out alone?
My peeps are off at uitm or some other thgs like that.
And if I did go out with other friends,
it doesnt help when my dear darling daddy is going outstation most of the time
when im here,
so my 'time for friends' will be limited.
And since im hommie and entertainment is honestly quite limited right there,
il spend my time baking some pastries or cakes or cookies,
gobble it up,
and end up getting an increase in weight.
Its not helping much,
since ive increased mine these few months,
although im underweight,
and need those fats,
the fats dont go to the right place,
it goes to the FACE.
The forbidden place.
I am so enjoying my sem break.

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