Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Events :)

Oh my god.
I am so sorry for the lateness of updating my blog dear peeps.
Its just that life has been hectic ,
the blogspot had some internal technical error,
so i cudnt load up pics the other day.
Anyway, enough apologising.
Lets start.
Here were few pics taken at Nash's open house in PJS.
Seriously,his house was so near to Pyramid.
I think it can be a second home to him.
But before that we were lost.
Halfway tgh call,
tibe tibe Milah said,
"tu bukan Nash ke kt tepi jln ckp otp?"
Hahah so much for asking.
Thanks Nash for the delish food,
esp laksa yang tak pedas tu.
My kind of style! ;p

I noe, im always moving.

Lets strangle her puffy cheeks! ;p
Moving on.
On the 17th Oct,
Milah's bro was getting married.
So being a goody friend,
she asked me to help give out the bunga telurs.
And it was cute!
Cam ade candle holder ngan litle cuppies inside it.
But i was standing for few hours,
and the next thing I knew,
my hands were all shivering and i felt dizzy.
Ni kene makan ni!
Mase makan pun tak brape betul.
Oh and halfway ckp ngan Shariff,
he suddenly said
"u Aimi kan?" -_-"
Honestly Shariff, if x Aimi sape aku dow. -_-"

The lovely flower gurls, me included! ;p

That's me and my pet biggie bro,
Latiff Danial.
*forgive my appearance, humidity got me :( *

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