Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick-do.

Well ,
im just having a quickie over here.
will be gone to nilai in a few hours,
and will be moving away from house around 430pm.
whats the whole rush kan?
after all today and tomorrow are for the 3rd intakes.
thats the point.
my room has about 8 vacant beds,
and obviously they are filling it up,
tho' im secretly hoping they dunt.
i need to get my bed!
if i see my bed is taken,
shit u 3rd intakes!
takdelah kejam sangat.
just ask them to move their ass off
coz its MY bed,
im the senior,
and YOU listen to ME.
and end it with a sweet smile :)
im not evil :)
the reason why i want that bed so much,
is coz its located away from other beds,
its like in this cut-away section,
and that section only has 2 beds.
its private,
best to be on the phone,
have some quiet peaceful time,
or simply,
sleep :)
back off u 3rd intakes!

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