Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Private lives :)

So, yesterday we planned to go to Pyramid.
But things weren't as smooth as it should be.
Was supposed to meet up with them Shafiq, Fanah, Zack at 11 am.
But right when i wanted to get ready,
suddenly the aircond man came.
Nak pasang aircond.
and not just that,
he had to hack some walls to do some 'terusan' or sth.
which obviously will take up alot of time.
i was freaking out
i cant get out coz i cant leave the house with them je kan
so i had to wait.
and wait.
waiting is agonising.
waited till 2 pm
movie was at 2.15
by the time i wanted to really get ready,
it was kinda late,
simply grabbed my jersey sweater and rush off.
reached there around 2.25,
and i ran to the cinema.
like seriously LARI.
d worse part dah msk,
and kene pggl balik coz the hall was 12 and its OUTSIDE!
thanks tu adelah orang tu.
watched private lives of pippa lee.
slightly confusing,
but it was nice :)
after that pg mkn a&w's waffle with ice-cream
oh and went back like around 7.
tu pun i managed to grab my fav starbucks
hee :)
oh and oh,
yest marks a week of us together :$


Shay said...

HEY!! i didnt knw laa syg :)
haha papehal Shfq is like really hensem like sooo hot stuff man!
hahaha kiddin2 I love u bie :)
1 week dh kite togethr

aimi/maggie said...

eh eh u terasa ke bie?
hahaha ;p
i love u too :)