Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A follow-up :)

So on the 13th of October,
I went out to Pyramid.
Met up with Shafiq, Farhanah and Zack.
Kesian Farhanah, malu malu ekk :)
Had a rush hour time coz it was 2.05 and the movie starts at 2.20,
and we had to eat some lunch and decided on McD
after getting lost thanks to my directions :)
watched 500 Summer Days.
The gurl luks seriously like Katy Perry tho :/
*skip skip skip*
By the end of the day, im taken :)
Oh and oh btw,
I bought a blouse and a hoodie from Kitschen
And ade orang tu pandai tggl hp dlm cinema -_-"
Today is the 14th,
Wishing u all the best in life aite ;)


*ika* said...

congrats aimi.

moge behgie dgn die.:D

Izura Shukor said...

Best kan 500 Days of Summer. Macam sweet gila. And the dude, muka macam Heath Ledger at certain angles.

Aimi/Maggie said...

heee tanx kiko :)
yeap2 best,cam comel sangat2.the guy cm agak handsome la ;p
btw,how to ltk link org with the latest blog skali?i x igt la. :S

Anonymous said...

weyh weyh Shfq lg hensem k! haha

Aimi/maggie said...

yeke?mane u taw?hahaha heee jk jk ;p

arishahani said...

anonymous tuh mesti shafiq
siapa tggl hp dlm cinema??

Anonymous said...

i put u in my blogroll already :D
anyway, YES. i was very malu oh k.
rasa cm this penyebok between u guys. lol
500 days of summer mmg cute!
lucky u watched it with ur bf ;)

Aimi/maggie said...

siapa lg klu x shafiq?adoiii dah kuar dr cinema dah jln2 for few mins br perasan -_-"

hahaha yeah sumhow cn i see it,like sorta shy or sth :) nolah mane de penyebok,i friendly okaayyy,trust me ;) hee yeap lucky me :)

Anonymous said...

haha, actually, i mmg xtau malu.
mcm org gila skit if dgn my close friends :P
but when bru kenal, mmg malu laaa!
u mmg friendly. tx god la! kalau x, lg la i rs malu :D

Aimi/maggie said...

haha shafiq penah cite gak psl u hyper ;p
awww xpe2 nx time kite jumpe im sure ul be fine :)
yes!i mmg friendly la ur day ;p