Friday, March 5, 2010

Butts of biting pain.

So, yesterday all of us went to Sunway Pyramid for a day out. And when I said all, it was me, Shafiq, Arishah, Aisya, Adam. Mira couldn't make it as her grandfather had passed away. (my condolescence)

Okay, this is going to be a long post as I'm about to type about yesterday. Yeah, lengthy. :)
Shafiq had arrived there around 10am, poor him, he was all alone. Sorry sayang, Mummy siap lambat :( I arrived at 11 am, and then moment later, Arishah called me she had arrived and near Haagen Dazs. I told her to meet me up at Starbucks 'bawah kepala singa yang besar gila kat entrance' but she told me she didn't know where is the 'kepala singa yang besar gila' and where is the entrance of the old wing. So, since I wanted to cut my hair, I told her to go up and meet me at the Asian Avenue. Few ticks later,she rang me and said "I kat carpark ni, salah tempat ek?" Hahah. So in the end, she had to go down to meet us and then upwards, but to eat at A&W instead first.

Adam met us there. And since they didn't want to accompany me to the hairdresser, Adam and Arishah went off by themselves. After the haircut, we met the rest at Wendy's and its time to: ice skate! All of us except Aisya weren't keen on it, we suck at skating! After much persuasion, we followed. I could walk with my skates on, but I was hobbling and whobbling on the skating rink. Shafiq fell thrice. I landed twice hard on my butt bone. Arishah fell once with a hard thump. After my falls, my legs were shaking, my butt bone hurt real bad, and my palms hurt too as I used it to minimise my fall. And Aisya was practically laughing at us beginners as she could skate with ease -.-

I went to the movie with Shafiq without them. When the movie ended, Arishah had already gone back. We went to the arcade to play this gendang cina game,and we played like a retard. Sheesh. Later we went off to some shoe shops, Starbucks as I wanted my hot choc and choc eclaire and Aisya wanted banana choc muffin. Yum yum :)

Borak borak borak, gossip gossip gossip. Jalan jalan jalan, then its time to go home. Shafiq went off with Adam, and Aisya left me alone soon after. I wanted to get food, but it was sold out. Ishh.

P/s: thanks sayang for the day,the card and chocs sume :) and dear Fanah, get well soon! I know how it feels, those pesky cramps!


farhanah said...

glad you had fun!
thank god i wasn't there to menyibuk. teehee :D
anyway, yeah, the cramps were horrible but i felt much better that night. thanks :-)

Aimi/Maggie said...

ishhh mane ade menyibuk!!
im sure it will be way better if you are there.
ur welcome,believe me,my cramps were usually worse!sampai nak pengsan :0
hey one day lets go out la?karaoke ke ape.heee

Anonymous said...

hahaha, but at least you guys had a great time kan kan?
i know! shafiq told me!
tu la, i pun lucky cz dulu i used to throw up a lot, but now dh kurang, i dno why.

yeah, let's do that. cz i ada voucher ni one free head charge kat red box sp.
jom jom :D

Aimi/Maggie said...

yeah we sure did :) i punye pun dah mule kurang,i guess it lessens as we grow?hmm sth to think about.
ouuuu i like!hahaha u must've been there alot till u have that voucher?when?im leaving off to nilai soon :(