Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old times.

God, my days are getting busy. So I did went to Sunway to meet Yih Ming. She looked different than we last met. Her hair is darker, and her face is rounder. But, she still looks cute :) We went to Friday's and catch up with what we missed. Yih Ming is going to India today for two years, and off to Penang to study there for three years. And work with the government for three years.That's long!
When we ordered, she said " you're always a big eater". I can't believe she still remembers THAT. And yes, I haven't changed that habit even a slightest bit :) I do hope she can survive over in India. From what she told me, the slightest shop is 40mins away :o and she has to cook for her own self, wash her clothes and be independent.
Though she did told me she will be a millionaire down there. ;)
So Yih Ming, Have a safe journey over!
Around 10, went over to Red Box to meet up the Birthday Boy: Putra Haziq!! and the rest of the gang. He had a Lady Gaga cake. I'm amazed.
And right now, I'm doubling in pain thanks to my food posioning. This is my 3rd day. Give me a break! :(

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