Sunday, April 11, 2010

Janji Melayu

Janji Melayu.
Its been with us for such a long time. Its definition? Promises made that were unfulfilled. Sigh. Why is it not janji Cina? or janji India? Maybe it doesn't roll of the tongue well. But it was said that this term came up because Malays always make promises, but leave it unfulfilled. In most situations, it always and always involve time.

Example 1:
A: Hey, wanna go out tomorrow to the mall with me? 11.30 we shall meet okay.
B: Yeah sure, see you there.
* at 11.30, B has reached but not A.A reached half an hour late *

Example 2:
C: Weh, pinjam buku kau boleh tak? Lusa nanti aku bagi balik.
D: Okay, tapi lusa janji bagi aku balik taw!
C: Ye ye, tak yah lah kau risau, aku bagi nye.
* C did not give on time, instead he kept delaying*

Why can't people keep up with their promises? Is it that hard? All you have to do is have a proper time management. Do not get me wrong, I am not condemning anyone right here, its just a suggestion. After all, I am a Malay too. That would be dumb right. But this problem has increased among us. Shouldn't we show to the world that we ARE actually punctual, we do fulfill our words. Give that 'janji Melayu' term a 180 degrees spin around. Time waits for no man, and impressions always count.
A lot.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem. Once I came across a Malay lady who told me that she can deliver an item. Come the day, right before the time which she promised me, I sms her where is she, and lo and behold she told me that she is sick, she can't make it that day but she will come the day after. Come the next day, she never showed up and never bother to tell me. To me Janji Melayu is just a phrase malays used to avoid their promises. Yes, I am a Malay too, but I will never accept Janji Melayu. Either you keep your promises or you don't and that's it.