Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of insomnia.

I just realised that I can't sleep as early as I used to. Back in high school, I could easily sleep at 10am or so. Loser? Well, I wouldn't call myself that because my school session starts in the morning, and I need a good well-rested sleep. Plus, those were the times that I am hoping I could get now. Well, hope is just a hope.
Since I've entered UIA, I am hitting the sack only at 2-ish am in the morning. Or it could extend to 3-ish am. Why? Its either I am too busy with my homework, assignments, presentations, movies, or on the phone. Better yet, eating. Hee.
At first, I was okay with it. But I realised something, I always and always wake up early. Be it Subuh time, or 7-8 am. And my class usually starts at 10 everyday. God, that was annoying.
No wait.
There is another annoying part.
I often found myself being awake in the middle of the night, and its hard to get back to sleep. Yesterday, I tried to sleep early due to someone's request, but I can't. I was staring onto the ceiling. I have lost most of my sleeping time by doing that.With that, I decided to check out insomnia from Wikipedia.
And here are some bits and pieces of it to give you a rough idea what is insomnia:

Insomnia is a symptom[1] which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep.


  • Pain[12] Any injury or condition that causes pain. Pain can preclude an individual from finding a comfortable position in which to fall asleep, and in addition can cause awakening if, during sleep, the person rolls over and puts pressure on the injured or painful area of the body.
  • Hormone shifts such as those that precede menstruation and those during menopause
  • Life problems like fear, stress, anxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems,
  • Poor sleep hygiene, e.g., noise stress
  • Patterns of insomnia
  1. Onset insomnia - difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night, often associated with anxiety disorders.
  2. Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia - Insomnia characterized by difficulty returning to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night or waking too early in the morning. Also referred to as nocturnal awakenings. Encompasses middle and terminal insomnia.
  3. Middle insomnia - waking during the middle of the night, difficulty maintaining sleep. Often associated with pain disorders or medical illness.
  4. Terminal (or late) insomnia - early morning waking. Often a characteristic of clinical depression
Yeah, as I said bits and pieces. So if you wanna check out the whole thing you can type insomnia on the search bar okay. Oh and oh, they did mentioned those with insomnia usually has increased alertness. Those who knows me close enough do know that I am easily awaken by anything when I'm asleep.
So yeah, I wouldn't say I have insomnia because I did not go for proper diagnosis, I am just saying I share the symptoms.

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