Sunday, April 18, 2010

Could it be any easier

The fuck.
Today is so fucking the shit hell out of me.
Okay, sorry for the intro but I can't just help it.
So, I guess I'll have to stop cursing for the rest of the blog.

You see, I woke up today home alone.
My parents went out, my sister off to work, and my bro off with his friends.
Breakfast was kaya buns, which I dislike.
So I had to do my own breakfast.
Later, I had to do double washing loads, and hang them. And I was so tired, I feel I could collapse.
At first I find it weird, as usually I could do more than double loads.
I found the answer later.
I had my period! That was causing me fatigue.
And it wasn't helping me that I had to endure those pesky period pains for the whole day, till the extent I vomited and almost collapsed.
Felt my vision was blurry.
And my dear wasn't there for me, he only texted once today " Ermm bie i nak pergi hiking dah. and my batt habes" or something like that.
And I received nothing after that.
Yesterday, he told me he will be hiking and by evening he should be back at the chalet.
But now its already 2am, and I know nothing.
I am worried sick.
And lapar gile.
Macam boleh makan kuda.
Eff it.

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