Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perut kenyang suke hati :D

Today, I intended to do revision. I really did. I did halfway. But I did it. Because halfway through my plan, Mum suddenly knocked my door " Do you want to go out?" Obviously I said yes in a split sec. Then she asked, where do I want to go? That took me awhile. After several minutes, I've decided. Subang Empire.

Well, its the latest shopping gallery in town, or to be exact Subang Jaya. The place I live! :D So yeah, there's alot of shops over there. TANGS, Dorothy Perkin's, Madam Kwan's, Tarbush, Kenny's..GUESS, okay banyak lagi but I am not going to list them -.-
What we did as soon as we reached there, we ate at The Loaf!

The Loaf my sweetheart.. I had a lot over there. I ate Red Bean with Walnut bun, croissants, Magazine, and a Choc Banana Panini. Delicious I'm telling you. I was supposed to take pictures of it, but I only realised when I was three quarters downing the food. So what's the point right? That shows how greedy I am -.- Btw, I applied a membership at The Loaf! Only RM10, for a lifetime! More reasons to eat their yummies ;P
Oh then we had a walk around.. browsing through the shops. I saw a beautiful dress at TANG'S. Its midnight blue, with butterfly sleeves, and it looks really elegant yet simple, shame its knee length. I would have bought it if its floor length :(
*jalan jalan jalan*

Then we saw this restaurant '' I Love Yoo". Its famous for its tau foo fah and thats what we got. Yummy! All soft and smooth :)

Oh and this thing, its called butterfly. Its cakueh-like, only with sesame seeds on them :)

Before going back, I just couldn't resist myself not entering Chocolate World. Its mini-heaven! And that's where I bought milk chocolate-coated almond rice clusters :) Again, I forgot to snap a picture. This time its worse, dah habis makan baru ingat :/
So, what a filling day isn't it? And then balik rumah makan nasi goreng pattaya. Wahhh. Boolat perut.

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