Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home, puasa and weight.

I miss home.
Really I do. And I've just been away from home for only two weeks. I thought I won't feel a thing, like the same way I felt when my sister and my brother went off to UitM in Melaka, or when I had taaruf ( orientation program) in UIA for a week in PJ, or when I had to leave home for UIA in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Maybe at first I didn't feel a thing, you know, its almost like a thrill when something new happens. But it has gone for over a year -.- Grow up Aimi!

Well puasa is coming soon. Like sikit je lagi! Wahhh can't wait for all those yummy delectable food :D Crap, its supposed to be something to obtain the baraqah *is that the right word?* in Ramadhan, not enjoying myself having all kinds of food.

And this Ramadhan I can't afford to gain weight! Not that I'm overweight or something, and ye taw, I kurus and all, blablabla, but hey, those fats go to my face okay. Makes my face go boooolat. Blame the fats la. Because I do eat a lot okay, I don't restrict my food intake. I just don't want to over-indulge. Ada paham?

That's me, can't sleep, missing home, or in exact words, I miss my bed.

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