Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short note at Madam Kwan's.

Yesterday was family day.
Sort of.
After the Maghrib prayers, we went to MidValley.
Drove all the way to MidValley from Putra Heights, just to eat at Madam Kwan's.
Well, its worth it.
I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Chop, and gosh, its so yummy. Its quite a big portion, but somehow I managed to finished it all, that shows how hungry I was!
And alongside a soy bean drink for myself. It tasted fresh and clean (without that typical preservatives taste) and sugar is given separately, so the customer can add it according to taste.
Oh oh and I had Prawn Fritters as well, its all peeled :) So my hands are clean, and its given with tartar sauce instead of the conventional dilute chilli sauce.
And I had Banana Junk, its a banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream. Well what I like about it, they serve a generous amount of whipped cream on top of it, just as I've always liked.
Okay gile malas post ni. Hahaha. Dahla pictures dua je -.-
Oh well. Hee.

Black Pepper sauce

The chicken chop


Izura Abd Shukor said...

Bukan MK ada dkt Empire ke skrg?

Aimi/Maggie said...

Yeap, but they wanted MidValley jugak -.-