Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lack of An Essential.

God. Help me. Please.
I woke up for sahur this morning, and proceeded to brush my teeth. And instead of the cold blast of water on my cupped hands for gurgling, a slow trickle of water greeted me instead. At once, it hit me. UIA nanti tak ade air. That was a smart hunch. But I did a dumb action. I did not tadah air. And sambung tidur -.-
Around Subuh, my dormmate woke me up. she told me to bathe, "air dah makin skit". What I said in reply " Tak nak". -.-
When I finally got up around 9, then only I started to panic. Tak ada air tak ada air! Crapppp. The only option was the pili bomba. These kids were filling up their pails with it. I have no idea how they can bathe with it. It stink. Ew. And it has some certain chemical in it right?
Nevertheless, I did collect the water in my pail. But I used air masak *found it in the dorm* and washed my face and other crucial parts. But I did not bathe. Hahaha. Pergi kelas tak mandi, tapi kantoi jugak sebab perfume semerbak bila masuk kelas ;p
So right now, things are getting worse. Air pili bomba habis. We are surviving on those jumbo mineral water bottles that costs Rm1-Rm1.20 each. Sigh.
According to UIA, this prob will end by 9am tomorrow. No help though, my class starts at 9 tomorrow. Then again, the security guards told one of the students it will end only in 3 days :o
Actually, UIA kalau tak ada air nak buat macam mane kan, coz sedang buat pembersihan kolam or something. But be kind enough to supply us with those tank lorries. I don't mind bringing my pails and queue in the never ending queue and then go up again up to my dorm, on the 3rd floor. I think.

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