Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taaruf in Gombak

Taaruf in Gombak. 
Totally mentally exhausting. Talks and briefing, blablabla. You could at least give us breaks. Well, sleeping was definitely fun throughout it. Bangun je, dah habis. Yeay.
Okay, I don't feel like telling what taaruf in Gombak was all about. Enough to say, I got a 4 to a room, I'm the only junior, and yes. 5th floor. 

konon muke semangat nak dengar talk.

with Dayang and Alya

mata steam bak kate syidah -.-

Alia Fada and Otong

L-R; Sarah, Shamin, Pika

Alia Fada, mase ni bergelar sudah IIUM Student

Mummy Faat :)

My compartment is on the left.

They even have drawers under the bed, ala-ala IKEA

Study table with bookshelf and drawers. Relatively new.

View from my room. Oh and I can see the sunset too :)

Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow, a fresh new start. Hope everything goes well. Amin..


Lisa said...

best nya korang!!!

kiko kiki lala said...

dpt mahallah nusaibah?
lawaaaaa. *jeles*

Aimi/Maggie said...

ainie lisa zali: nnt mcm tu lah kamu orang punye nanti :)

kiko: nope2 dpt mahallah hafsah. lawa tu lawa, tingkat 5 tu yang mcm payah :')

Anonymous said...

assalam sis, mhallah ni boleh letak curtain x kt entrance ke compartment kita sndiri? sbb bukak je pintu mcm terus nmpak meja study.