Thursday, December 2, 2010

I don't like you

Everyone has their own dreams and fantasy. Everyone wants luxury. Or like I have always said, " Semua orang ada cita-cita dan angan-angan"/ " Semua orang ada impian masing-masing". But what if, those wants turn into urgent needs, and take away their dignity along.

Being a 19 years old girl, obviously I am influenced by the media promoting brands that cost a lifetime of savings, probably. But I have to stick to a budget. I admit, I do have an easy lifestyle, but hey, I probably won't have them if its not to my parents. I'm lucky enough that my parents can afford. That doesn't mean I get everything and anything that I want. I am given a fixed allowance, and if I want to buy some stuffs, or my money ran out, I need to work around that budget. That doesn't mean I get extra cash. Its tough, but I know this will teach me the value of money, and money doesn't grow on trees

No, am not being boastful and proud. The point is, people need to know their budget and stick to that. Some people are less fortunate, but hey, didn't they survived? The money spent on this kind of stuff, can buy them a whole lot more essentials. 

I just don't understand why some people need to show that they are better than other people. That they need to show that they also can afford like other people. So what if other people go to dinners with expensive dresses. You just get according to your budget, not trying to show to other people. And frankly, if you are borrowing other people's stuff (branded, and you were the one that requested for it) well, that doesn't make you look better, it makes you look like a fool.

And I don't understand people who brag. Why on earth are you doing that? Really, probably the person you are talking to is wealthier, only he is humble. And that definitely give him more points. And he is probably thinking what crap are you babbling. And that is embarrassing. To me, people who brag, are people who are afraid that other people don't see it. 

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Anonymous said...

Nicely written. Reminds me of someone.