Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost in UIA

Memang tak sah if I am not lost. 

Seriously, I had to leave my room at least half an hour earlier, so that I won't be late to class. 

Well, for my first day, I went to class, and managed to find it. But it was canceled. So was the next class. Yeay!

But today,woah. Listen. For my Writing class, Sir Mazlan was very entertaining. Very sporting and kinda cool, really how a BEN lecturer should be. One that speaks good English with an open-minded attitude. 

But what happened next was horror. We had a class in IRK, after what took us such long time to find the class, we were told it was 3rd year students, so we were given the "opportunity" to get out. 

And then for the afternoon class, crap. We were lost. Completely lost. It doesn't help it was located at the 3rd floor, so we were basically going up to the 3rd floor, and then back and fro to all the crooks and corners. I think we went to all corners. And then we went down again, and went up another stairs to the 3rd floor again, and search all corners, even sesat dalam offices and don't ask me how I even got there. And someone wrote stupid directions that lead us to stupid stairs and stupid nowhere.And then we went down again, used ANOTHER stairs and up to 3rd floor AGAIN, and searched everywhere, and then-we found it!! 

But, it was locked. 

It was empty.

No class today.

And we searched for more than half an hour for it.

Its freaking locked.

I swear if I weren't with my friends, I would break down. 

Even when I called Arishah my voice was cracking.

Sedihhhh :'(


Anonymous said...

hi aimee.

haha, kesian. sedih I baca. i had the same experience before, salah register class that even not in my study plan.

anyway, irk building sebelah library,
and ADM building depan IRK building. heheeeeeee

sekejap je, u experienced all these
nonsense feeling, after a while, semua corner and turn u'll tahu. hehe :)

have fun in Gombak. oh yeah RK** 3*** memang untuk 3rd year student.


cikfaathassan said...

maggie, i pun lost jugak dekat UIA.we are even okay. seriously, the map that was given to us was completely rubbish and useless. i took me half and hour jugak to find the classes and yet tak jumpa jumpa jugak. i feel stupid y'know. lost in my own uni. i was merayau rayau at the IRKHS building looking for the damn class. takpe, you got me, i got you.

Aimi/Maggie said...

jijol: yeah i found out later on that the building was ADM, obviously my class will not be found over there -.-
yeah it turned out everyone inside the class are 3rd year students, and when I walked out, the lecturer was like "good".

faat: hahaha comelnye you merayau-rayau cari class. i mcm budak kecik hilang mak taw tak, muke sedih gileeee. hahaha. yesss we have each other! :D oh that map mmg x gune btw. lol

Anonymous said...

Salam . May I know the courses tht you had registered for the first sem deg in iium ? Can you suggest me any of the subject that I shud take as I'll enter IIUM next month and also a benl stud and need to do the pre-reg ..huhu T.T