Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Either Or

I don't know whether I am being a pervert or just an open-minded person. Really, my lecturers sometimes are unthinkable. For instance, my poetry lecturer was saying that different words bring different impacts. As an example, payudara and buah dada. She said that for her, payudara sounds scientific. While buah dada sounds manis, because it is buah -.- I laughed too loud at that moment. 

Oh and another word from my Writing, anjakan paradigma. Oh crap. Me and my friend laughed to that word. Only the two of us. When I realised that, I immediately shut my mouth and put on a straight face.  Maluuuu. I wonder if the lecturers compare notes, and they were like "ehh same la budak yang gelak" -.-

An interesting incident that happened to me today:
I told my Writing lecturer that I will be a few minutes late for his class each time due to my earlier class is situated in IRK, and it doesn't help that that class always ends later than it should. So he was like, okay give me your name. "Aimi bt Ismail." No I mean your full name. "Aimi bt Ismail". *Stares at me for a moment with that weird look * Okay my name satu je pelik ke. -.-

By the way, it just hit me. I am doing my degree. Degree in a university. I better work my ass off, for my future. No more CFS thinking

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