Monday, November 22, 2010

Moving on

There you have it. The offer letter finally arrived. Online obviously, but it arrived! I was so hyped. I was told that I am gonna get mine on the 26th of Nov, but that was just for the repeaters. I am now a clear pass student. 

A BEN student. 

No longer an ECONS student. Yeap, I've changed course. Its for the best, and I really hope it is my call. So, wish me luck ey? :)

Now that CFS is over alhamdulillah, I am starting to reminisce the old times. Gets teary when I think about it, because those times were meaningful. And in Gombak, those moments will be more treasured as we will be further apart.

I remember me and my friends, we were classmates for like, a complete year? Classmates for almost every single class. Imagine. Such that we know, the name list according to order. We know each other's full names. We know matric numbers. ( Kinda pesky if we need to know CAM, since lecturers only list down matric number and CAM, but since we know each others anyway,no point of confidentiality -.- ) We know when is the right exact time to raise our hands for the name. We text each other for homeworks, we planned to cancel class together. We made the class to be canceled together. We cover for each other. We cheat with each other during quizzes. 

Best of all? We have each other. And it feels great that, after I changed my course, they are supportive, and they even suggest meet ups when in Gombak, just so that the friendship we have won't fall apart. Thanks you guys :)

All nighter

Still an all nighter

Ice skate, among the best times :)

End of sem 1, 2010/2011


rendrazaleigh. said...

welcome to kirkhs :)
remember taaruf is super duper important.

and welcome to iium. the garden of knowledge and virtue.

tak main lah gateway gateway lagi. hehehe :)

Abdul Hadi said...

happy gila aimi LOL

ani arishah said...

ohemgee i miss those times :')

Aimi/Maggie said...

jijol: thank you jijol, you helped me a lot, really :)
and can't wait to finally be with you guys :) about the taaruf, hehe i'll try to stay awake :D

hadi: hadiii kau x happy ke? hahaha

arishah: kannn those times we shared. sedihhh :')

kiko kiki lala said...

aimi masok ben jugak. wooaa. ;DD

Aimi/Maggie said...

hehe thank you! :D