Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm feeling useless. I'm not doing anything productive. Really, I did none since my parents went away for hajj. Well yeah, I did chores. Washing the clothes and folding them, cleaning the dishes and so on. But those are plain basics. Those are the things that I've always done all this while.
Maybe I should cook. But I had problems.

Problem No.1:
I planned on doing S'mores. I've bought the digestive cookies and the marshmallows. But the marshmallows had this "Eat me! Eat me!" screams, and I've obliged. Haha :D

Problem No.2:
Wanted to make brownies, but there's only cooking chocolate and butter, but there's no chocolate chips.

Problem No.3:
Wanted to do cake, but I have no cream. Wanted to do cookies, but finds it tiring. Wanted to do muffins, but I'm stuck at Problem No.2, no chocolate chips.


Lovely, aren't they? Made them for last Raya :)

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