Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Never Ends

Its been awhile, really. Its been awhile that I've been sick. Back at Nilai, I'm known for being fragile and weak. During taaruf, I fell and my left foot started to swell. And down with high fever. Skipped some taaruf activities, and then it got too swelled up, and I end up at the hospital -.-

Then the first few weeks of class, I had to limp my way to class. Even got stopped by the 'mak guards' and lecturers. And boy, that's how probably half of the CFS knows me, " perempuan yang kaki bengkak tu". Aish.

After that, I went down with severe food poisoning due to the spicy foods. Skipped a few classes with that reason. Since then, I was a regular patient at the clinic. There was even this one time, I had this terrible period pain, but I need an MC to not go to class. I walked very slowly, or shall I say, excruciatingly to the clinic. Got my meds, got my MC. And then the unexpected- I'm allergic to the meds. It made my eyes swollen, that I had to squint to see. And yes, a long way back to the clinic for the cure.

So anyway, last Mon I was down with flu. But I hold on to it. By the next day, I was down with fever as well. It lasted for two days. I'm okay now, but I still have the remains of flu. Oh, and a new cough virus caught up with me. I know, I know. Fragile. -.-


ani arishah said...

haha i remembered the first time we chat u told me about your swollen foot plus u lived in the room for sick people and there comes the term weak aimi

Aimi/Maggie said...

hahaha yes get introduction kan :D
and i remember u selalu complain i cepat sakit.
bukan nak kesian kawan.
btw, shafiq lost his hp. again.

ani arishah said...

dah u selau sakitt
u have to be like bubble boy
live in bubble so that germs won't reach you :P

Aimi/Maggie said...

omg sedih nye i hidup dlm bubble. :0
last thursday. then jumpe balik on friday in one of the irk student's bag. tp batt die missing. :S and duit die pun kene skali.

ani arishah said...

haha tapi cool ape :P
OMG!! kalau i mesti dah nangis brg kena curii