Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I went out with my family. With my brother of 21 years old my cousin of 25 years old, her sister (my cousin too) of 14 years old, and my aunty. So yeah, all girls and a guy. Haha. Well, initially we planned to go along with my sister and her hubbie, but due to some complications they couldn't join us.
So yeah, my cousin drove to our house and reached around 1.30 pm.
We reached One Utama around 2 pm. And man, its super-packed! But we managed to get a parking lot, and seats at Pizza Hut. Ordered Royal Masala, and Hawaiian Chicken. And 2 Seafood Marinara(s). I always love eating my pizzas with loads of cheese powder, and today was no different. Mak Ngah saw and she tried, and well. She ate all her pizzas with heaps of cheese powder then :D
Then we went to UBowl. God I suck at bowling! Yang ada bola 8 paling ringan, 6 ngan 7 gone. And half of my score were dashes because it went down the drain. God I suck. Real bad. But altogether it was fun. 

Nana bought Clark's shoes. And Mak Ngah did too. I pick them both :D
Oh we met Busu! And Alyssa. And we ate Baskin's together. I had Jr. Double scoops :D 
We had dinner at Boomtown, Usj 11. Had char kuey teow besar taknak sayur, ayam madu teruna, otak-otak satu bakul, and yes, sirap limau all time fav :)
Then, next stop. HOME!
Reached around 10.30pm.
Crazy tiring long day, but fun. 
And money flowed out like water.

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