Monday, November 1, 2010

Past Halloween


Now I don't celebrate them. I don't remember being invited to one for few years. Though I still get excited to look at the decorations :D

Back then in my childhood days, my friends were mostly non-muslim. Even if they are, they were the open-minded kinds. I remember there was this one year, my friend organized a Halloween party. Being a child, and dressing up seemed exciting, I pleaded my Mum to send me to the party. I went there as a cowgirl. Haha. Well, almost. I had this retro pink blouse with colourful frays at the cuffs, and a pair of bell bottoms. Oh, and I had no hat -.-

There were many other girls who really showed their effort. They wore tutu skirts, with handmade wings ( out of cardboards) attached to their shoulders, and even made wands with a huge glittery star at the end.

But in the end, I won the best outfit. The judge? My bestfriend ;)

Haha okay biased. Then again, kids are biased. I think. So as a gift for my costume, I received a pink glass bracelet made of glass beads, and a box of chocolates. And I still keep the bracelet :D


fara high yeah said...

mesti comelkan maggie time u kecik tuh pki dress!haha;)

Aimi said...

haha tak jugak, sebab kecik2 kurus keding!