Monday, November 8, 2010


My heart goes out to all those broken families. It is sad, to see the family that you build, go haywire and tangled up, and then broken and lost. And its much worse, to see their kids. Sometimes, as they are young, they don't understand what's going around. But some, they grow up older than their age because of this.

Recently, a family came by my house. A pair of grandparents and their granddaughter about the age of 7. The little girl's parents are currently divorced. The father had left them, and the mother had to work somewhere else to support herself and her little daughter. Hence, the daughter is under the care of her grandparents.

The girl was at first soft, and then she turned hyper. She faked a big laugh almost every 5 minutes so that people will notice her. And she did naughty things too, though she is not naughty. Because when I commented on her behaviour, she relented immediately. She only wants attention.

After a while, I asked where is her mom, and she responded " Tu kat depan tu, mak saya tua kan" referring to her grandma. And when I asked where is her dad, she responded " Ayah kat depan, ayah tua jugak kan". I was shocked. She referred them as her parents, and not her grandparents. that shows how broken is the home.

We chatted for awhile, when I suddenly asked her where is she from, and she said " Tempat jauh. Lame pulak tu nak sampai. Dalam kereta ade 2 bantal je, tapi xde selimut. Sejuk". I then responded, why don't you cuddle to your grandma? Because we all know, that human can provide a soothing warmth. Her answer really shocked me, she said " Mak tak suke saya peluk. Mak pernah cakap jangan peluk dia".

Its sad really, for her. Maybe her grandma refused to do so, as she resembled her father. Then again, she is only a child. An innocent child. :(

I used to have this when I was young. Its a Cabbage Patch doll. I called her Judy. I missed my childhood. And sometimes, I realised. That sometimes I act childish, because I want to re-connect with my childhood. I wish I could correct some. But everything's done. And I threw her away.

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