Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate Remember Me.

This morning, my parents went off to Singapore. Woohoo! Hahaha, its feels nice when your parents are away sometimes. So, I planned to go out with Milah. Right as I was about to get ready, everything went off. When I said everything, it was everything. The heater was off so I couldn't get a proper shower, couldn't iron my clothes, get dressed with my back door open for lighting, and best part? Even the telephone lines went down. So, going out was the best option. Oh and the emergency light was down too :)

Went to Milah's house and she drove to Sunway. Wanted to watch Alice, so desperately that we even wanted to take couple seats. But all were sold out. The guy was like, why not Remember Me? Robert Pattinson starred in it, and its a romantic movie. We gave it a go.
Like, super hell.
It only got my attention for 5 mins and I was like, can we get out? Even the guy next to Milah was dozing off. Robert in the movie looks sleazy, messy, unshowered, scruffy, and synonyms to it. And everything I hate in a guy, was him in the movie. Hot tempered, rude,etc. Oh and he does looks scruffy off screen, so my points are not for him. I'm sorry, I am not his fan. At all. Never wanted to. Oh and the movie? Its a teeny bitsy lovey,and thats it. And loads of cut-off scenes. Ending? Predictable. Ughhh. 1 star out of 5 in my opinion.
After that, went to Parade to see Shafiq. He was there with Naqib's cousin, Syahmi. He was nice, all friendly and stuff. And naive, not to forget. No offense to you :) Then Khalis came. Awhile later, the guys went home. We girls decided to have some RotiBoy, and hugged each other goodbye.
Ouh and ouh, we did alot of bitching and gossiping tadi. Hehe ;p all in all, it was great :)

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