Monday, March 15, 2010

The please word.

Its time to be in Nilai again after 3 weeks at home.
God, it was hotter than I had ever remembered. The sun was brightly shining than ever, and even the wind wasn't breezy, it was blowing hot wind. God help me get through this.
My dorm? E-3-8. Woahaha. The highest floor, the furthest room. That is mine. My old dorm was E-G-4. Mind you, the lowest floor, the nearest room. Sigh. A punishment for all of us I assume 'cause all of us used to stay in the lower floors. I have a friend whose old dorm was on the 3rd floor, and now she is staying on the 1st floor! Sigh. Things can't remain the same forever I guess.
Hurm since it is a short sem, class durations are doubled. We were told " Expect quizzes, assignments, or projects every week throughout this whole sem" .
I'm missing him badly right now. He's in Penang currently. And not doing short sem with me. Still not used to eating without him, or suddenly bumping into him at random places, or going towards the same direction, or suddenly seeing him passing by my class..many more..and yeah, that akak at Kawah Thai asking me where is my cik abang, and the lady at the grocery asking me "mane yang lagi separuh" or the fact that most of the shops knows I'm with him and always teasing us. Please come to Nilai bie, come see me dear :(

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