Sunday, March 7, 2010

A journey for two.

In my opinion, a love relationship is a beautiful journey. It leads to many many things, and onlytwo of them are able to feel it, to experience it. I know, it has its ups and downs. I am sure there are times people struggle to keep up with their relationship, as they can't let it go. Who says couples have to be happy all the time to mantain their relationship? The best thing of all, you were in it : together.
Sometimes, fights bring you closer. You know better about your partner, about your relationship and how things work between the both of you. But then again, some fights makes you and your partner apart. Learn to talk, and share. Communicate. The other half would've understand if you tell or explain to them, don't assume they know everything and you can't expect they understand everytime.
I googled love relationships and found this: *refer below* Pretty useful right? ;)

Bie, I am glad I'm with you and I am glad its you. And I'm thankful I'm yours.Miss you badly dear.

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