Monday, March 22, 2010


Hurm so yeah, my short sem had started. Earlier my classes was till Thursday. Then somehow arrangement macam mane ntah plus ada certain orang yang tak puas hati with some dumb stuffs, so its now till Wednesday.
Monday's classes from 11 to 4. Tuesday's from 8 to 12. Wednesday from 11 till 4. Thats it.
But wait!
Its not as easy as it sounds. We have assignments. We had one already. I had to do a computer assignment, its about creating a database on boat rentals. Supposedly own company.
Then, for my Basic Themes of Quran? Had to do a presentation on a book from Harun Yahya's. My topic was The Silent Language of Evil.
Btw, Shafiq's in town! Hahaha and that town is Nilai? :)

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