Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keep thinking that its not goodbye.

Yesterday night, I got in contact with few of my dormmies through Facebook. At first I was commenting with Opa or her actual name Alifa bt Alimin. We weren't close back then, then we bonded when we were usually the ones staying up late. I remembered, she always had troubles with her card. Her matric card was lost, her matric card got swallowed by the ATM, and also she lost RM150 from her bank account due to a technical problem. I was there for her. And she always showed me her new clothes, and make me watch those Korean stuffs with her, trying to make me drool over them. :) I always walked with her to the Kiosk or Makcik late night to get our midnite bites. And my favourite word to her " Opa, marilah berkongsi kekecewaan dengan Maggie" when I feel down or " Kecewa dengan mu Opa!" when things didn't go right, when its not her fault :P

Then I chatted with Aisyah Humaira'. She is a real sweetheart. Always there when I had problems, or cry, or simply: talk. We would talk for hours until late night, thinking of our future..babies names and stuff like that * i know,merepek!* and yeah, we would eat Maggie at night when we are hungry. My food mate :) She thought me a lot of things, especially in being closer to Allah. She is patient with me though she knows I'm a free-hair. Yeah, she would also say I'm manje, and guys would definitely like me 'cause I'm pretty and lemah lembut. Aisyah, awak lagi cantik dan sopan okay! Maggie macam budak-budak je -.-

So, this situation strongly reminds of Graduation-Vitamin C. I am pretty sure everyone knows that song :)

Many more stories, it won't end. But then, end of story, I miss them, I miss E-G-4 ;(

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opa said...

Maggie~!!! opa nie, entah mcm mana terjumpa post ni..terharunya hehee..rindulah kat Maggie~!!#readthisin2013