Thursday, March 18, 2010

The lovely bones

Yesterday, I found a novel in Aisya's car. Its called The Lovely Bones. Well, I managed to read abit only,since it was borrowed from Ariff, and his aunty was the on ethat lent it to him. Haha berkait kait kan. But, it was enough to make me cry. So, you guys should read it, and for those of you who are not an avid reader, there's a movie made based on it too :)
A short synopsis. It circles around a girl names Susie Salmnon, who was murdered by a man in her neighbourhood. There was no trace except a dismembered elbow found by a dog. She watch her family and friends trying to cope with her loss from a special place in heaven, as her murder case unfolds.

Btw, my class ends today, so I am going home today evening, and Shafiq's going home from Penang too :)

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