Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shit F.

Today is shitty.
Been told that I had to attend a wedding. At the perkarangan Masjid Wilayah. So that means that require me to cover my aurah. I have scarves but the colour just don't match with my attire. I was frantic. At last I decided to throw on a pair of yellow baju kurung and a cream scarf.
After the wedding, went to KL. Bought a scarf. Then, went to Sunway Pyramid. Grab my watch at Fossil. It looks super brand new! :D
Then off to get Harun Yahya's book in MPH. But it wasn't available. So I decided to go to Popular. On the way over, managed to queue at Aunty Anne's for its choc dipped pretzels :D
Popular lady sucks. She works at customer care,but she wasn't caring at all. Even gave me stares.Shit.
Afterwards sat on a bench near Guardian. Then someone threw a mineral bottle from two floors above and it fell right in front of me. It splattered. Berkecai. Kalau kene kepala I cedera kotttt. F.

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